Teri McHargue

Acting and Piano

Why Amy hired Teri:

    Teri is the most recent hire for the GPA team and she is a perfect addition to our team. Teri teaches acting and piano for GPA. Teri’s passion is theater and Amy saw that in action at her church when watching Teri conduct a week long Theater camp at Church at the Cross for ages 1st-5th grade.  


    “When I interviewed Teri, she was thinking she would like to teach piano, but my mind kept going to her theater abilities and what I saw her achieve with young children on stage. I asked her if she ever thought about giving acting lessons. She lit up when I asked that. I could tell it’s immediately that it’s Teri’s first love. I have personally seen Teri coach my own son to take the stage and she brought out the best in David. It was incredible. I want other children and adults to have that experience with her. She is marvelous.”

    Reach out to Teri and schedule a free trial lesson today!