What instrument should I purchase?

When setting out to learn an instrument, most people know to prepare for the investment of time and money.  However, one of the most overlooked investments is your instrument! Whether a young beginner or a seasoned player, learning on a quality instrument saves you frustration and additional dollars. Here is our advice to you.



Generally speaking, it's best to spend no less than $150 on a beginner guitar. Anything under that price point tends to be poor quality. In low quality guitars, the strings are very difficult to press down, the tuning pegs slip (causing the strings to detune), and the sound quality tends to be poor. The combination of these hurdles tend to discourage beginners from truly excelling in their instrument. We recommend Grapevine Guitar Loft for your basic guitar needs. Sweetwater is another excellent retailer that provides limitless options for any of your specific needs.


Ukuleles are great for young children who want to eventually transition to guitar. The ideal price point for a quality ukulele is anywhere between $75-$100. Similar to guitar, it's important that your instrument maintains its tune and has good sound quality. Any ukulele within this price point will certainly meet both qualifications.