Amy Nobles Lyday is Christian Artist.  She has released two studio albums, To the Ends of the Earth and On that Day. (Both are available on all digital platforms.) Amy has a lifelong passion of playing piano, guitar, singing and writing music.  Her venue of performance over the years has been the church.  She has traveled worldwide leading worship for churches and conferences. 


    Though Amy’s venue of performance has been the church context, she loves many genres of music and appreciates anyone who learns their craft well enough to perform it.  This is what has driven her to provide lessons.  

    “Looking back on my own musical journey, I am most grateful for my teachers.  They not only taught me how to play, they encouraged me to perform. 

    “What I learned from that experience is that every student needs a mentor. That is my goal with GPA. I have hired teachers that love music, love performing, and love teaching. Every one of the teachers of GPA is a great role model and someone that every student should try to emulate.”

    "When I started this business I was still developing my methods. I didn’t have a firm practice structure when I was growing up, I just practiced. Thankfully it was pretty consistent, but none of my teachers gave me a practice plan each week. I wish they had. As a result of that experience I developed a practice method for all of my students. I have found that most studios do not provide you with that type of guide. I have given my students a method of practice that works. They come back with full practice sheets and after years of teaching them I have seen the results. My students are exceptional players and performers. In the course of 8 years I have watched my students grow into incredible, jaw dropping, performers! People who come to my recitals say they would pay to come watch my students. They are that good. I am very critical of performers and I can honestly say, my students at every level of learning are top performers. It is a great joy to watch them succeed.”


    Amy resides in Grapevine, TX with her husband Jim Lyday and her two stepchildren, Naomi and David Lyday. When she isn’t teaching and running GPA, she enjoys playing golf with her husband, watching her daughter play sports for Grapevine Middle School, attending her son’s GMS Band Concerts, grabbing a coffee at Redefined, reading a great book, attending Church at the Cross worship gatherings, or getting a custard at Andy’s! 


    Amy welcomes your feedback and would love to hear from you! Click the link below to send her an email.

    One teacher in particular drove home what I wanted to do. She could sit at the piano and play Beethoven and Rachmaninoff but then she would pull out the hymnal and start improvising beautifully while singing. She was my model of what it meant to be a great performer. She was well versed in everything from classical, to country to gospel.  She had it all and I loved every moment with her. I wanted to be just like her.”

Amy Nobles Lyday

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