Methodology of Grapevine Performing Arts

    We teach our students to read music and we also teach our students how to play by ear. If you are more interested in learning chord theory and playing that way, we can teach you. If you want to play that beautiful Piano Sonata by Beethoven, we can help you do that as well! Perhaps you're wanting to learn how to sing and play guitar at the same time- it's harder than it looks! Are you ready to dig into scales, modes, and all things theory so you can learn to freely solo on guitar? We can teach you. Our instructors are well versed in a variety of teaching methods and can accommodate most learners.

   We have two recitals a year for students and those are optional, but encouraged. This is where we put our practice into performance. Recital is our chance to share our talents and what we have learned over the course of a semester. Recitals are actually an important part of our methodology  because performing publicly is also a skill that has to be learned.

   You should know that GPA studios do not participate in competitions like Guild. If you are looking for high level classical performance training, this studio is not for you. If you are interested in playing, singing, acting and learning your craft so you can play in a local band, sit around a campfire with your guitar, play a variety of music on the piano or perform at the local theater, we are the place for you to learn!

    You may ask, what makes Grapevine Performing Arts different from other music lessons businesses?

    GPA teachers don’t just teach you piano, guitar, voice or acting, but they also encourage you to share that gift with others. The motto of GPA studios is “Music and Arts is a gift that is meant to be enjoyed and shared.” Sharing music is just as important as playing it for oneself. Music and the arts bring people together, give joy, strengthens bonds, and make our hearts lighter. When people have the courage to learn AND share their talent, that is when the arts come alive! We enjoy helping all of our students experience the power in that. The world needs the gift of music in their homes and communities and that is what we are striving to provide every day at GPA!

    Want more info? Please reach out to us below- we'd love to hear from you!