Elise Quiggle


Why Amy hired Elise:

  Elise started playing piano as early as her hands would allow!  She loves the piano.  Elise had another wonderful teacher before Amy Lyday started teaching Elise in 8th grade.  Amy immediately noticed her poise and artistry, even at that young age. 

    “Elise has an insatiable appetite for the piano and music in general,” says Amy.  “She always practiced; I never had to beg her to do that.  Elise has exceptional touch and makes the piano come alive when she plays.  It was easy to ask her to join me in teaching because she is an artist I would want others to emulate.”

    Elise has been teaching for Amy’s studio for several years and continues her own study of piano and performance to this day.  

    Reach out to Elise and schedule a free trial lesson today!

Teri McHargue

Acting and Piano

Why Amy hired Teri:

     Teri teaches acting and piano for GPA. Teri’s passion is theater and Amy saw that in action at her church when watching Teri conduct a week long Theater camp at Church at the Cross for ages 1st-5th grade.  

   “When I interviewed Teri, she was thinking she would like to teach piano, but my mind kept going to her theater abilities and what I saw her achieve with young children on stage. I asked her if she ever thought about giving acting lessons. She lit up when I asked that. I could tell it’s immediately that it’s Teri’s first love. I have personally seen Teri coach my own son to take the stage and she brought out the best in David. It was incredible. I want other children and adults to have that experience with her. She is marvelous.”

    Reach out to Teri and schedule a free trial lesson today!


Claire McCafferty

Teaching Apprentice to Amy Lyday

          Claire has been taking piano with Amy Lyday for 8 years and has performed in 16 recitals, completed all the methodology work required by GPA and is now playing everything she wants to play.  She is still pushing herself as a piano student at GPA,  but if you hear her play, you will know she is a qualified teacher for any young pianist. Claire is beginning her Junior Year of High School with Classical Conversations.  

         Claire is the oldest of four children in the McCafferty household and Mrs. Amy saw her potential to teach piano when she shared in her lesson that she had been teaching her little brother how to play.  With great enthusiasm, Claire accepted the invitation to become Mrs. Amy’s teaching apprentice for the 2021-22 School year and will be teaching beginners only, ages 7-10.  

          If you have a child this age who is interested in learning piano from a fine young lady who is learning the craft of teaching piano and not just being a student, please contact us!  817-410-2787 or info@grapevineperformingarts.com


Amy Lyday


      Amy has been teaching piano lessons since she was an Aggie Student in the mid 1990’s.  What was just a side job has now blossomed into Grapevine Performing Arts.  Amy is not able to take new students at this time but has hired exceptional piano teachers who are ready to teach you!


Savana Vaughn

Voice and Piano

        Savana Vaughn hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. She has always loved singing and performing and her pursuit of the Arts landed her at Liberty University where she studied voice and piano and graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music: Artist Development. She will be teaching voice and piano for us here at Grapevine Performing Arts. Savana performs every Sunday at First Baptist Grapevine where she serves as the Worship Associate Pastor. She finds great joy in teaching the next generation the love of music, which is why she is such a great fit for us at GPA.  We are so glad to have her on the GPA Team!