What do we do at GPA?  It’s all in the tagline.

    "Providing excellent piano, guitar, voice, and acting instruction in the heart of Grapevine, TX"

    We have 6 teachers teaching lessons every day. Lessons are 30 minutes one day a week. You practice what you learn, then come back for another lesson!  It’s that easy. We are conveniently located on Franklin Street, right off of Main.

    Grapevine Performing Arts wants you to grow as a musician and a performer. All of our teachers are highly trained and experienced. They know what it takes to learn an instrument and have many years of performance experience. They all know how to take the stage.

    Our teachers will not only teach you the instrument, they will teach how to practice. Believe it or not, most people don’t fail in the lesson when learning new concepts, they fail in the practicing. You have heard, “Practice makes perfect.” That is actually incorrect. PERFECT practice makes perfect. Our teachers are seasoned and understand this important principle. As a result of our proven practice methodology, students see great results and become very good players.